A Professional 2Kw In-Line Dimmer for
Location TV & Film Production.

It is PORTABLE and amazingly LIGHTWEIGHT and above all QUIET!
It is SWITCHABLE DUAL VOLTAGE - 240v/120v so can be used WORLDWIDE
Proven RELIABILITY - over 300 sold!

UK VERSION2K Dimmer with 13A plugs & socketsclick to enlarge

Essential for your lighting kit is RTV's Dual Voltage In-Line Dimmer.
The dimmer is switchable and will work on 240 volts or 115 volts AC.
It has a 2Kw capacity on 240v ac and 1Kw on 120v ac maximum load.

Dimmer in hand shows it's sizeclose up of dimmer control.dimmer base shows voltage selector switch
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There are 3 versions…
UK version fitted with
a UK 13A plug and dual 13A socket.
IEC version fitted with IEC plug and socket for Lowel Lighting equipment.
Tails version for fitting your own connectors to the dimmer
or we can do it for you at extra cost. Please enquire.

Quiet, noise free operation - keeps the soundman happy!
Lightweight Design
only 450g - Ideal for portable kit
120x78x43mm - (lxwxh) fits in the palm of your hand!
Rugged Construction and Cool Operation.
Silver Anodised Aluminium Case.
PAT Tested for electrical safety before delivery.
12 month guarantee.

There is a VOLTAGE SELECTOR switch to choose your working voltage.

  • At 240v.....Will dim 0 - 2Kw. (from a 2Kw Blonde to a 300w Mizar, even a table lamp)
  • At 120v.... Will dim 0 - 1Kw. (from a 1Kw Totalight to a table lamp)
  • TOTAL LOAD NOT TO EXCEED 10 AMPS (that's 2.5Kw/240v or 1.25Kw/115v) ABSOLUTE MAX.

The Dimmers are hand built to order and cost £165 with connectors
£150 with tails only so you can fit your own specific connectors
£8.50 Delivery (UK mainland only) for up to 3 dimmers.
We can deliver internationally at additional cost.
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